About us

Our Motto and Code

Motto: We run our business by endeavoring to make our clients prosper and expand their businesses.
Code: 1. We demonstrate our creativities.
2. We acquire the consciousness of proprietors.
3. We implement mutual understanding and support each other.
4. We make every effort to take the initiative,
  set a good example and act swiftly at all time.
5 .We treasure our clients with sincerity and a smile.



The name "Redhorse", is derived from the Chinese historical novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Redhorse refers to the Red Hare Horse that could run thousands of miles a day with the agility of a hare. Redhorse stands exactly for what our company is today. In this rapidly changing world, we believe we can help our client companies by opening new horizons or markets for them to expand into. In this journey we can provide flexible advise while running the thousand miles with them. Redhorse concentrates on the creation of new businesses or the expansion of existing businesses to new markets. Based on a trusted relationship, we make full use of our experiences, know-how and networks to support and advice each company with their new challenges, business strategies and financial strategies. We believe in an interconnected Asian platform for business and help our clients navigate through different markets and expand their horizons. In this rapidly changing environments, we see the rise of the Greater China region as a huge opportunity to create value all around Asia. We have expanded our business to the Greater China and are eager to build bridges between China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and the rest of Asia. "We are committed to the development of a sustainable world by creating businesses through human values".


Private Equity

We believe in an integrated Asian approach to investing. Our investment professionals in Hong Kong and Japan evaluate, review and manage assets in China and abroad. Our investment strategy is simple and straight forward: create value by investing in companies with significant growth opportunities in Asia but that currently lack the management expertise to effectively tap into these markets.

We have a track record of excellent investment performance. Our team of investment professionals work closely with our portfolio companies to develop their business in new markets with a special focus on China. Growth is created organically or through acquisitions seeking synergistic cooperation between them. Our success is based on our strong relationships with our strategic partners, management and stakeholders. We strongly believe in building bridges between different Asian markets using our expertise, know-how and extensive network throughout Asia.



We provide professional consulting services to companies wishing to successfully IPO on one of the major Asian stock exchanges. a successful IPO for companies seeking listing on major stock exchanges in Asia wide and to an Asian expansion through local partners and appropriate advice. As a one-stop consultancy solution for an IPO, we provide a full range of advisory services that include IPO strategy & planning, business consolidation, capital policy advice, IPO documentation, and execution advice, corporate compliance, and tax restructuring advice and correspondence support.

We are reputed for our assistance to companies seeking business expansion in Asia through a broad range of associations such as local partnerships and business subsidiary establishments. We are renowned for our experience of market entry and business expansion, particularly in China.


Real Estate

We have a clear investment strategy that focuses on stable profitability and high exit returns to build a balanced portfolio of assets. having considered the macro economic situation and financial markets of the region.

We also provide In addition we provide extensive consultancy service for property managers to maximize the income and net asset value through operational enhancement and development strategies. For companies seeking to dispose the property, we provide preparatory advice to maximize the return in the dynamic real estate market.